Thursday, June 15, 2006

more flowers - poppies and foxgloves

On Monday I went out sketching flowers with a friend. She's working on a series of paintings of poppies and I want to do some large canvasses of close ups of flowers. Mine will become quite abstract using poppies and other flowers. So first I want to get out there and do some studies, looking hard at form and colour.

The first sketch on the left is of some foxgloves, which I love, they always remind me of the country lanes in Cornwall.

Poppies have such beautiful, dramatic centres - the ones I did a couple of posts back were vivid red with electric blues in the dark centres. These were a pale delicate pink but with very dark markings and centres.

Sadly the red poppies had been dashed down and left petal-less by a thunderstorm the previous night. I would have liked to have sketched those as well.

Close up

details of seed pods and a flower bud

The whole page of sketches in an 11 inch square sketchbook

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The Epiphany Artist said...

ohhh you are so lucky and these are beautiful!